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Do you want to learn how to disable comments on YouTube videos? Maybe you’ve created your channel and don’t need comments. Comments that are written by bots, trolls, or other people with an abundance of unfiltered opinions will not appear. At the same time, many people want to buy YouTube comments. But it does all depend on which kind of comments you want to disable, or you want to buy. Well, in the recent era, this is not a problem anymore. In this post, we’re going to go over a few ways to manage or even disable your YouTube comments.


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Ways to disable YouTube Comments 

Disabling comments is often not a good idea. That’s because you want to interact with customers, grow your relationships. If you’re not transparent, why should your audience trust you? People watch YouTube comments for three main reasons:

  1. They are often insightful and amusing.
  2. They provide additional information that is often missing in the original video or the edited version that most people see.
  3. And the people who comment often get a higher reputation in the YouTube community because of it.

Disabling comments on YouTube is incredibly easy. Following the below steps will let you do it.

  • Enable account moderation
  • Change privacy settings
  • Deny or allow specific keywords
  • Block specific users
  • Turn off comments without disabling video
  • Turn off video comment
  • Remember to hit save!

Turn Off youtube Comments during Live Stream

While live streaming, YouTube Live chat can be paused. This allows you to deal with individual messages or users that are causing problems. If you have Live Chat turned on before a stream or event, you can toggle it off at any time in a few seconds because many offensive comments affect your video or channel’s reputation. You can turn off the comments during your live stream by following steps:

  • Go to your profile, click on ‘’YouTube studio.’’
  • Click the “Open live Control Room” button.
  • Go to the setting, then find the community tab.
  • Go to the Automated Filters tab, and in that tab, you can type in the name of anyone you don’t want to receive comments.
  • To remove someone from your hidden list, simply click the “X.”
  • Hit the save button

Turn off Comments on iPhone or Android.

Does someone also wonder about how they could disable comments on their iPhone or Android? Well, it is not tricky to do so. And no one can face any kind of problem while disabling comments. If you use the YouTube app on an iPhone or Android, you can turn off comments by accessing Advanced Settings within the app.

  • Click on ‘’YouTube studio’’ in the setting.
  • Click on the upper left corner; there are three lines. Click on them
  • Click on the videos option.
  • Tap on the comment section of a YouTube video to disable comments. From the drop-down, select Advanced Settings.
  • You can turn off comments on YouTube to block negative ones from appearing.
  • Click on the Save button.

Change the default view of comments. 

To hide comments from videos, you either choose to adjust the default view and let the newest comments stay on. When you have a lot of comments, it is useful to change their order so that the most important ones are at the top of the comment section.

  • Go to setting, click on ‘’YouTube studio.‘’
  • Click on the video icon in the left corner
  • Tap on the ‘’sort by’’ button
  • To fix your refinance quote, you need to determine whether you want the newest one or the best one.
  • Save the setting

Last Words

YouTube comments are an important part of the internet. YouTube comments can be extremely valuable or completely useless. Some people also buy YouTube comments to rank their video or channel. They provide conversation between subscribers, help identify issues in a video, and acknowledge the work of others. They can harm content as well. The negative impact of YouTube comments ranges from misinformation given as fact (e.g., Diamonds are Forever not unless your diamond drops off the floor it means it’s genuine) to threats and harassment against individuals who have vocalized their concerns over injustices in society.