How to Get Tiktok Followers and Engagement In 24 Days

Want to increase  TikTok followers but don’t know where to start? Then stop here because, in the next few lines, you will find out which secrets are hidden behind a profile with a growth trend of 150,000 followers in 24 Days.

In this post, you will discover the techniques that you can use to increase TikTok followers to receive many Likes and become famous in a short time.

We will also explain how they influence the choice of music, hashtags, filters, and comments on the number of your followers and how you, too, can use TikTok to grow your profile and earn several hundred dollars per month.


How to Increase Tiktok Followers


1: Bio and profile picture

A well-written bio should probably not increase your followers on TikTok, but it will certainly make your profile more professional. Explaining who you are and what you do in a concise and no-frills way will allow you to intercept potential brands.

A good profile photo, perhaps a nice close-up, is always an added value. Obviously, this is true if we are talking about a personal profile. Otherwise, your company logo will be fine.


2: Invite Your Facebook and Instagram Friends to Follow You

Start following your Facebook friends on Tiktok, they will surely reciprocate, and in this way, you can start from a small followers base. To do it is very simple. Just go to “Find Friends “> “Find Facebook Friends “> Start following them. Do the same thing on Instagram.

Unlike for Facebook, there is no way to invite your Instagram followers directly from the app, but we have come up with a little trick. Post a story with a photo of your QR code that you find within your TikTok profile and invite your followers to follow you.

If you have a fairly popular YouTube channel, invite your audience to follow you on TikTok. Insert a slide with the references of your TikTok social profile on each video you post on YouTube.


3: Use Hashtags Effectively

When posting a video, remember to use hashtags related to the content of the video.We’ll give you an example, if you post a video with a cat, be sure to use appropriate hashtags like #cat. If you use hashtags correctly, your video should appear in the search results of people looking for “#cat.”

In this way, you make your content accessible to those who have the same interest as you and, therefore, the public willing to follow you. Entering Hashtags is very simple! You can insert them when you are asked to add a description to your post. Touch #Hashtag to start tagging.

4: Create Original Videos

Making videos in lip-sic will earn you some followers and some likes, but it will certainly not make you make the leap in quality. One of the biggest problems that TikTok users have is having content that is all the same. Try to create original, different, entertaining, and not all the same content.

5: Publish Constantly

One of the best ways to get new followers on TikTok with buying Tik Tok fans is to post regularly. But be careful not to sacrifice quality for quantity! Better a quality video every two days than one video per day without meaning and without creativity.

6: Description and use of the hashtags

The description you use for your videos is important because it allows TikTok to have one more element to select the audience to show your clip. Try to be genuine and always stimulate interaction, possibly through likes for the reasons we have seen above.

7: Connect your Tiktok account to Other Social Networks

If you connect your TikTok account to Facebook and Instagram, the uploaded video will be shared in multiple places and more people. Users reached on Facebook, and Instagram will have ways to follow you also on TikTok.

8: The trendiest songs in your videos

The musical element is in the DNA of TikTok, which was no coincidence that it was initially called Choosing the right song to match your video is another very important factor.

The classic slogan – okay, maybe not now – might be the best choice. Obviously, the song must be consistent with the content of the video. In general, the songs of the moment can be found in the foreground.

Choosing the right music is very important, even if you have decided to target your audience. For example, on your profile, you try to publish very fashionable English songs, in such a way as to direct the TikTok algorithm to intercept the users that interest me. For this project, in fact, your goal is to generate a solid British fan base.

9: Interact With Your Followers

If you want to increase followers on TikTok, you have to start interacting with other profiles. This tip will really help you when you buy TikTok fans to gain huge followers base on this increasingly growing social platform.

You need to know that either TikTok users prefer comments or likes on videos.If you take the time to comment on the photos of other users, they will be encouraged to view your profile and become your followers.

In this regard, we recommend you interact with other users in this way:

  • If someone starts following you and you find their profile interesting, then reciprocate.
  • If someone comments on your photo, always reply. Mention it with @ to make sure he/she reads it.

Don’t comment with the classic comments: Woooow, Crazy Video, Nice Video, and other obviously fake things! Strive to write a real comment!

10: Quizzes, surveys, and rankings

As we believe, interaction is a key factor in triggering virality on TikTok. For this reason, ad hoc videos can be created to try to involve users as much as possible. And that’s why on TikTok, you often come across quizzes and surveys.

Making them is very simple. Just create a video then add a badge in the dedicated section. If you are familiar with Instagram stories, you will have no difficulty unraveling the various functions.

The rankings are very popular. And it is for this reason that many users use them in their videos. In our format, it wouldn’t make sense, but maybe on your profile, yes. Everything must always have logic. Remember that consistency always pays in the long run.