How to Change Spotify Username?

Usernames have become very personal and intimate. On different platforms, users often customize their username that best suits their mood and personality and are also easy to remember. The obvious question here is, can you change your username? If so, how can you change your Spotify username? Unfortunately, Spotify does not provide us with the flexibility of changing usernames. But few workarounds to it may help you achieve some level of customization to your username that you so desire.

A few years back, Spotify emerged as one of the biggest competitors to apple music, and now it’s a frontrunner in the music streaming world. Spotify allows you to listen to millions and millions of songs and podcasts from different artists from various parts of the world.

You can create your Spotify account by just simply signing up by using your email or Facebook account.for cahnging of spotify username Once you are signed up, Spotify will generate a username for your account consisting of random numbers or/and letters. This unique string of letters and numbers is your Spotify Id, but you don’t have to use it to sign in. You can sign in by using your email and password.

Three easy ways to change your Spotify username:

1- Modify your Display Name:

Altering your Spotify username is a no-go, but you can change your display name shown in your profile. This customized display name is then shown on your app, playlists, and follower activities.

However, logging in by using your display name is not an option. For this purpose, you would still be required to use your email or username. You can change your display name through the following steps:

  • When you open your Spotify app or webpage, you should be automatically greeted with the Homepage. If not, go to Homeand then go to Settings(gear icon).
  • Once you are in Settings, select Displayname by tapping or clicking.
  • Go to Edit Profileon your Profilepage.
  • Once you are on the Edit Profilepage, you can change your display name after selecting (highlighting). Don’t forget to save your new display name.
  • Once you have saved your new display name, you can either quit the app or return to Home Screen.

2- Sign in with your Apple/Google email Id or Facebook account:

Spotify provides you with free access to unlimited music, videos, and podcasts or different artists. But purchasing a premium membership of Spotify comes with the benefits and opportunities that you don’t get with free membership. That is the reason why many Spotify users have premium memberships. One thing to be noted here is that signing in with your Apple/Google email id or Facebook account won’t override your previous account. In fact, it will create a new Spotify account, leaving your old account still active. It can result in you paying for two separate accounts. Hence, deleting your Spotify account or canceling your paid subscription is recommended before signing in with the services mentioned above.

Once you are signed in with Facebook or other mentioned services, your display name will automatically be changed when you change your Facebook username.

3- Creating a Brand New Account:

Spotify algorithm links playlists directly to accounts; hence changing a username is rendered as a non-option. But, if you create a new account, you will be automatically provided with a new username. If you want to transfer your playlists and other data from your old account to your new one, you need to delete your old account first. Then you can seek the help of the Spotify support team to move your playlists, music collections, followers, and other data to your new account. Keep in mind that you must do it within seven days of closing/deleting your old account. Otherwise, you’ll lose your data. However, you still won’t be able to choose your new username, and it will be randomly generated for you, as was the case before.

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Username is of great importance, especially to the premium subscribers of Spotify. It is used for finding and following other profiles. Other users can also track your playlists through your username. It is prevalent and understandable to change and customize your username to the best of your liking. Spotify uses username ID to track users on Spotify. Hence, to keep the uniqueness of IDs, Spotify has not allowed its users to modify usernames. But, users can still change their display name as they desire.