How to Change Spotify Playlist Picture

Spotify is a well-known name when it comes to music. Working with your earphone, headphone, or speakers is a usual practice by students, office or factory workers, and stay-at-home people. Spotify allows a playlist with millions of songs of your choice on your fingertips to be enjoyed. Customizing playlists is an excellent way to arrange or group tracks and podcasts based on type, i.e., jazz, loud, slow, etc.Meanwhile spotify allows you to change the spotify playlist picture also.

Those customized playlists then need a name and pictures.Having the desired picture takes less time in choosing whatever playlist you want to play. People prefer pictures of their choice for Spotify playlists as per their personality, taste, and preferences on other devices or gadgets.

3 ways to change Spotify playlist picture

How to change the playlist picture depends on the device you are using as a medium for enjoying music through Spotify. Although the option for changing playlist pictures was only supported on desktop lately, however with increased demand to have a choice of customized image for playlist ended up with the availability of this feature on mobile phones from late 2020.

It does not matter if you choose a free or premium version; for changing playlist pictures, you need to know the steps following the device

On Desktop:

It is super easy to change your playlist cover picture on the desktop version of Spotify. Open Spotify app or site on your desktop and select a playlist for which you want to change the cover picture.

From here, move your mouse on the image to see a pencil icon appearing; click on that icon which will end up popping up a window with a Header saying Edit playlist.If you are using the Spotify website, a window for file upload will appear or move your cursor on the playlist and select choose photo option.

You will see three dots on the top right corner of the playlist cover on the app version. Hitting those dots will give you the option to ‘Replace Image.’ Choose and upload an image for your playlist and save it.

On Android :

Open Spotify and choose the playlist for which you want a picture of your choice. You will find three dots vertically arranged at the top right corner of your selected playlist. By Clicking those, you will find an Edit option, hit on it, and then tap on the Change image button. It is the point where you can select a picture, upload it, save it, and the view is changed on your chosen playlist.

On Iphone :

Changing the playlist picture on your iPhone is similar to changing it on an Android device. Just the arrangement of three dots on the top right corner will be in the horizontal position. Tap on those dots and go to the Edit option for changing the picture. Select, upload and save a chosen picture for your playlist


What should you do when you are unable to change the playlist picture?

You may face some problems while changing pictures on Spotify. But don’t worry about it; this can quickly be resolved by cleaning up your app for old cache, restarting, or reinstalling it. An up-to-date version of Spotify will keep you from facing these issues being a hurdle in the proper functioning of the app.

The other way is to see which connection you are using, i.e., 3G, 4G, or Wi-Fi, and try switching to a different connection to resolve the issue.

Tips for Selecting Spotify Playlist Covers:

Having a cover picture on the playlist of Spotify is undoubtedly a fun thing. However, one must know some essential tips and tricks to enjoying a wholesome experience. We present you with a few of those tips here.

Firstly, the picture for the Spotify playlist must not be pirated or violated for copyright issues. Choose an original pic from your gallery.

The image should be in the shape of a square. The picture is required to be in JPEG format as per the requirement of Spotify. With a resolution of at least 300×300 pixels and a maximum file size of 4MB.


Needless to mention that music can do wonders by uplifting and changing moods. Spotify is one popular choice to enjoy your favourite track and podcast on. With options to use this app on multiple mediums, you can customize it with the cover picture of your choice.Through this piece of writing, we have equipped you with some knowledge and tips to take the wholesome experience of music on Spotify.