Easy way to get views on TikTok

Are you looking to get more views on your TikTok and get famous on this biggest platform? With over 800 million monthly users, TikTok could be a great platform to get the celebrity status that you have been looking for. We all want people to see our latest TikTok video. But when our following is small or views are a handful, this can be hard. So this article is going to provide quick ways to gain more views on TikTok. Here you will learn about the tips and tricks of getting more views on your videos and build your following base.

 Use trending hashtags to get max views on tiktok:

The importance of hashtags can’t be denied on every social platform, and TikTok has no exception. People usually create a video on a specific niche and use hashtags accordingly. If you are also a content creator, make sure to use trending hashtags in your videos too. Create videos where these trending hashtags are a good fit because people want to see that kind of stuff. Share the high-quality video on your profile with appropriate hashtags. This way, you will not only get more views on your videos, and your videos will also get the viewership that mostly influencers get on this platform.

Using relevant #hashtags is a great way for appropriate accounts to follow you, as the video is related to what they enjoy too. For instance, hashtagging a pasta meal with #pasta can attract other pasta lovers who also have pasta videos. Some other great apps like the flick, top tags, Autohash, and lee tags can help you find relevant hashtags to use in your shares based on the industry you’re in. So using poor or irrelevant hashtags such as #Building for a famous landmark won’t happen again!

Post engaging content:

Posts should combine both businesses related content such as the latest product, but also fun elements too, like activities that go on in your office. Provides the best of both worlds and shows your brand is human!


Integrate your TikTok account with your Facebook, Twitter, and other social networks, so you have a consistent message, and the content is shared with a larger audience. If your Facebook friends or Twitter followers see you have TikTok, then they are more likely to follow you.

 Add the TikTik video link to your website:

For businesses having a TikTok link on your website, emails, and other marketing material can drive traffic to the account and create awareness that you are on the video-sharing app, which could equal more followers and more views.

Engage, engage, and engage:

Engaging with other users is vital if you want those extra followers and gain more numbers of views. So, commenting, liking, and following back are ways to get your account noticed quickly. An excellent way to interact with the audience and create engagement is to ask questions on posts. Therefore something as simple as Here’s a video of my pasta meal; what’s your favorite pasta meal? It is an easy way to get more views and followers and have some dialogue.

 Buy TikTok views :

Have a handful of views and want to take the lead in no time? Buy TikTok viewscan be a safe bet to stay ahead of your competitors. Make sure to buy views from a reliable and legit source.

Monitor activity:

Monitor activity on what content is popular and ones that aren’t. There are many sites like Analisa.io that provide analytics on videos for TikTok so you can immediately see what content is popular, and this can form the strategy for future shares.

 Create a buzz to get more views: 

If you’re a business and have a new product coming out, TikTok is a great way to share teasers of soon-to-be-released products. This can create a bit of a buzz and intrigue!

 Host video competition:

Finally, setting video competitions is another great way to get users sharing your content, viewing your videos, and following your account. So if you have a competition to create the best dance videos, users can take theirs and share them with you. This will create a gradual snowball and trending effect.

So these are some quick ways to get more TikTok activity and followers. If you stick to some or all of these, you can sit back and relax and see those views and followers increase!