How much do Tiktok ads cost

Over the past few years, the popularity of TikTok has increased, which has created more marketing opportunities for businesses and brands. It is not just for lip-sync or comedy videos anymore. As a business or brand, posting videos is free, but reaching your target audience through TikTok ads costs you more than you think.

However, spending hundreds of dollars on TikTik ads helps you to promote your services, advertise your brand more effectively and show some crazy results. Its native video ad program is less competitive than other social media giants like Instagram and Facebook. If you are planning to run a TikTok ad campaign, you must first understand its ad types and the cost of advertising. In this article, we will discuss how much TikTok ads cost.

How much do TikTok ads cost – An overiew

Cost per mile or CPM metric is used to charge for TikTok ads. That means advertisers need to pay $10 for every 1,000 video views on TikTok. So, the minimum cost of an ad campaign on TikTok is usually 500 dollars. So, if you want to start an ad campaign, you first decide how much to invest in it. There are a variety of ad types advertisers can purchase through its auction ad system.

Branded hashtag challenge is a type of ad campaign that lets you feature your promotional content on TikTok’s discovery banner, which costs flat $150,000. That means, overall, TikTok costs you around $ 50,000 to $120,000. However, many factors influence the cost of running an ad campaign on TikTok, including your niche, the goal of your advertisement, etc. Users can control the cost of each campaign depending on their marketing goals and budget. Here is the complete breakdown of the cost of the TikTok ad campaign:

Types of TikTok ads and its pricing !

Before knowing the cost of TikTok ads, you need to understand the types of ads TikTik is offering. These ads work on a bid system, and advertisers have to bid for ad placement. Advertisers create and run this type of ads, and it requires expertise. Reservation ads cost you more than TikTok auction ads because these ads are booked through TikTok ad agencies. There are four different types of TikTok ads with pricing:

In-feed ads

In-feed ads of TikTok are similar to what you see on other social media platforms like X and Instagram. These native ads run for 154 seconds and appear naturally on the users’ feeds. Users can skip these ads, too, if they don’t want to see them. These in-feed ads support many CTA options, including app downloads, website clicks, and more. TikTok charges you around $1000 for in-feed ad campaign. CPC and CPM are the most common in-feed advertisements on TikTok.

Cost Per Mile or CPM is the price TikTok charges for one thousand impressions, and the average cost per mile is $10.
CPC stands for cost per click, which has no fixed price. On average, you have to pay $1. However, it is flexible and can be reduced to $0.20.

Brand takeover ads

The most expensive ad on TikTok is a brand takeover ad, which comes in video, images and GIF form. Such ads are associated with the brand’s profile or related TikTok hashtag challenge. TikTok limits this feature to one brand per day to ensure a genuine brand takeover. As such, ads are exclusive to one brand, so TikTok makes sure that the user sees only one brand takeover per day. The starting cost of brand takeover ads is around 50 thousand dollars per day.

Hashtag challenge

The hashtag challenge stands out as one of TikTok’s most-liked features among TikTok users because this feature is more than just viewing an ad. Hashtag challenges encourage engagement when more and more people join the hashtag challenge and show their creativity by post content related to that hashtag. Collaborating with influencers further amplifies the buzz around these challenges. The hashtag challenge costs you $150,000 for six days.

Branded lenses

TikTok branded lenses are similar to the branded filters of Snapchat. This feature comes with various filter options to choose from. These filters can be accessed in the trending section. TikTok users can interact with branded lenses while recording their videos, and they help enhance the users’ videos. Like branded hashtag challenge, branded lenses also come with a hefty price tag and cost you $80,000 per day but are worth every penny. Such ad campaigns are helpful for improving brand visibility.

TopView Ads

Another TikTok ad type is the TopView ad, which appears as soon as the app is launched and plays for 1 minute with sound on. Such ads require around $65,000 per day budget.


TikTok ads cost you $500 on average for a simple campaign. Advertisers should be prepared to pay up to $120,000 to run TikTok ads campaigns. It shows that the TikTok ad campaign takes a toll on your wallet. That’s why marketers choose other ways to increase brand awareness, brand visibility and engagement ratio. One such way is to buy TikTok comments to uplift the engagement ratio at a low price. When you buy TikTok custom comments, it can set your profile up for success without paying huge bucks.