5 TikTok Post Ideas to Go Viral

In this digital age, everyone wants to go viral on social media platforms. TikTok offers more opportunities for digital creators to go viral than any other social media platform. However, creating viral content is no easy task. It is more than just filming a video and publishing it on your account. You must come up with a unique post idea that engages, entertains, and gets shared. But figuring out what to post that captivates the audience can be intimidating. That’s why we come up with super easy TikTok post ideas for going viral that spark your creativity when you run out of ideas.

TikTok posts ideas to go viral!

1- Make a dance video on trending song

TikTok was a lip-synching and dancing app in its initial days. People loved to share dance videos of their favorite songs to amass likes and views. Luckily, these videos still work and are most common on this platform. Above all, funny dance movements and sharing dance videos on popular songs are the most viral content on TikTok. So why not showcase your talent and get your groove on?

This app is full of dance challenge videos like Toosie Slide, Wednesday Dance Trend, and Renegade, which were seen by millions of people around the world. You can take part in these dance challenges and create you’re a dance challenges if you have a terrific dancer. Try to choose popular music that can help you thrive in the TikTok algorithm. If you are not a good dancer, use the duet feature and choose trending music to let everyone move and groove.

2- Create funny and entertaining videos

Most of the users browse TikTok content due to the entertainment they need after a hectic day or in the middle of the day when they need a break from work. There is no better way to entertain people than sharing humorous videos. When you inject humor and entertainment into your video, it helps you garner more views and shares. Plus, people come back to your account for more. Whether it is playful takes on a trending topic or sharing comedy skits, you will get plenty of shares that will help your post go viral.

3- Piggybacking on a trend by participating in challenges

New challenges appear on the For You page every day, and taking part in these challenges comes with the opportunity to get featured on the Discover page of TikTok. That means you can get more eyeballs on your content. A hefty number of views on your content helps you make it go viral. So, whether your goal is to get more video views or go viral on this platform, consider participating in challenges that align with your brand or business. From the Cha-Cha Slide challenge to the Silhouette Challenge, the celeb look-alike challenge and many others, you can try what you love and can increase your chances of your content being shared. You can also create content using viral hack trends. All you need to do is research and identify the most popular challenges or trends on TikTok, put your spin on them, and share them with your audience.

4- Share content that inspires and amazes people

People love inspiring content and anything that amazes them. Magic tricks are something that not only entertain people but also amaze them as they witness seemingly impossible feats. Crazy magic tricks videos are most common on TikTok and included in the “top watched section” of the platform. If you know something that can amaze people, you can share it with people. For example, Zack King shared a video that went viral in which he turned a glass of water into a piece of cake. Similarly, you can share some wisdom that helped you achieve success or any surprising way you make to make your life better than ever.

5- Share pet content

Nothing entertains or brightens moods like seeing a cute furry animal or funny farm animals. People can’t get enough of cute puppies, bunnies, and dogs. They love watching pets do cute things because it hams their hearts and draws more eyeballs to your videos. Sharing pet content is a tried and tested formula to get more views, feature on your page and make your content viral. You can make cute videos of your furry friend doing pet things. Even a pet duet video is also a great post idea to draw the attention of your audience if you don’t have a pet.

tiktok post idea to go viral


TikTok offers great potential for brands, businesses, and individuals to achieve viral success. The key is to create content that entertains and engages people if your goal is to gain exposure, build an audience and make your content viral. Use these 5 post ideas to draw your audience’s attention and scale your content output. We hope this guide will inspire you to create your next TikTok video that your audience is sure to love.